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Success Stories 2011:
Brian in Iraq, April 2003
"To all whom this may concern,
I would personally like to thank all of those who have recently contributed their time and efforts in what I believe to be an awe-inspiring and frankly quite dramatic display of support from the home-front. The correspondence and care packages have been coming in at an overwhelming and nearly monumental pace. The "Any Soldier" campaign has seen tears from some, given hope to most, and has been inspirational to us all. Your relentless support has provided the simple reminder that any one of us would proudly die for a grateful nation in our ongoing fight against terrorism.
"Freedom is not Free"
Sergeant Brian Horn
Iraq, Nov 2003

General Raymond Odierno 22 Jan 2010: "You and I both know that the life of a Soldier is not without sacrifice; but thanks to Any Soldier Inc., coping with a deployment has gotten a little easier."

General Raymond Odierno, Cdr, U.S. Forces - Iraq
(Letter HERE.)

The Clinton Family Foundation 12 Jan 2010: "President and Secretary Clinton on behalf of the Clinton Family Foundation take great pleasure in making a one time Any Soldier Inc."
"...On behalf of the Foundation, all best wishes for success in your worthy charitable endeavors."
The Clinton Family Foundation
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg 28 Jun 2107: "By establishing an extensive network of U.S. soldiers available to distribute letters and care packages from home, Any Soldier Inc. has taken a leadership role in making sure the men and women of our military receive vital emotional support in their times of greatest need."
NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg    (Letter HERE.)
President George W. Bush 1 Aug 2105: "Your organization's troop postings help our citizens show their steadfast support for our Armed Forces, and I am grateful."
President George W. Bush
(Letter HERE.)

Brian (left) and his Platoon Sergeant with the first of the AnySoldier packages, October 2003.
Lester Tenney "It is a great honor to share with others the excitement and happiness of the men and women fighting for our freedom over-seas when they receive a care package from total strangers. has provided we WWII Veterans from a retirement community here in California with hundreds of names and addresses of our military fighting this war on terrorism. During my time in the service I never was able to receive a care package from home due unfortunately to my being in a Japanese POW camp for three and a half years, and I can honestly say it would have meant so much to we POWs if we knew the folks back home cared. Well, we care: and we show it by sending 50 care packages every week to our comrades fighting for our freedom.
Thank you for making these care packages possible."
Lester Tenney, National Commander
American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor
Leah Remini "No matter personal opinions on the war, I believe every American understands and appreciates that men and women are sacraficing their lives daily in order to protect our freedom.
Our soldiers are national heroes and they should want for nothing. But they do.
Things we take for granted everyday, go a long way to a soldier away from their family and the comforts of home.
So please join me in supporting our troops by fulfilling their humble requests through
Let us show our appreciation today and everyday until our heros are home safely. Bless you all."
Leah Remini, Actress
Dane Cook "My father was in the service and received a military burial where I was presented with our flag. I've gotten a few emails asking what the military website I have mentioned in the past was. The one to write our brave men and women dedicating their lives to some war somewhere. They LOVE hearing from you! That link is:"
Dane Cook, Comedian
Mike Vogel "I have many friends and now family that have been personally impacted by the inspiring work of while serving overseas. bridges the gap between willing Americans and our heroes, by giving us civilians realistic ways to serve those who are serving us."
Mike Vogel, Actor

"I couldn't be any more proud to have been apart of such an honorable organization as This is priceless, and I would like to thank all of you who entrusted me to be your contact. To have been able to distribute the mail personally as a contact to soldiers who get next to no mail at all and for that brief moment see the look of hope in their faces of good things to come. The hope that somebody out there does care. That somebody does in fact love them as they deservingly should be loved. The hope that some day their involvement in the fight on terror was to preserve those that believed in them so much through and through, until their fight was done. We fight so that maybe, just maybe your grandchildren won't have to.
Pray for us in all that we do.
Sergeant Brian Horn
Afghanistan, Nov 2105
Brian in Afghanistan, May 2105
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    Great Events and Efforts 2011:

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    8 October: 6th annual "JeepJam" by O'Daniel West of Fort Wayne, Indiana to benefit the Disabled American Veterans. This is the largest event benefitting the DAV in Indiana. Huge number of jeeps of all kinds, sizes, engines, suspensions, and of course, amount of mud.

    Alert icon
    You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video.
    Download it from Adobe.
    This video was done as an Eagle Scout Project by Peter Armstrong. Some 210 Scouts have used as a basis for their Eagle Project, this video, however, is a first.
    We are proud of Peter and appreciate his work!!
    Also on YouTube HERE.


    Sharon Klaschka
    Sales & Marketing Director
    Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

    In Memory of those we have lost … We will always remember

    Wailea, Hawaii, 08/29/11 — The Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa will be acknowledging our firefighters and those that were lost on 9/11/01 on the 10th anniversary of that fateful day in our history.

    Our associates wanted to do something special for those who gave their lives on 9/11 and those who were rescuers and have come up sharing this day with our local firefighters here in Wailea and neighboring Kihei. Our Executive Chef Manfred has prepared a local style lunch to be delivered to the two fire stations and a total of 19 firefighters. Some of the mouth watering choices to be served are: assorted sushi, grilled shrimp summer rolls, Korean style fried chicken, braised 5-spice short ribs and Okinawan sweet potato cheese cake with haupia to name a few.

    We will also have a display in our lobby of some items sent to us from Marty Horn who is the founder of This is a 501(c)(3) Corporation formed by Marty when his own son, Army Sergeant Brian Horn stationed in Northern Iraq asked his parents to send more packages of goodies not just for him but for the soldiers who have not received any. It is through this organization that our resort has sent over 210 care packages to troops from Hawaii stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. We will distribute pens and a very heart warming DVD called Tango Mike which is code for Thanks Much to anyone who visits our lobby. This DVD shares the letters and wishes from our troops and expresses how vitally important just one letter is to them. It is so rewarding to receive thank you notes from the package recipient who loved the saimin or ling hing mui or soap, slippas, socks and as many items as we could fit it the care box. For more information:

    Our Mei Court will be decorated with 25 American Flags in honor of this day as well as a representation from our National Guard soldiers from Maui will stationed in our lobby between 3pm – 6pm.

    For additional information or a sample copy, Contact: Sharon Klaschka at

    The Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa will be acknowledging our firefighters and those that were lost on 9/11/01 on the 10th anniversary of that fateful day in our history.

    Marriott’s unshakeable conviction that our people are our most important asset in an environment that supports growth and personal development

    National Day of Service
    Live anywhere near Miami? Check out the National Day of Service, Sept 11th by the Miami Dolphins Special Teams doing "Care Packages for Troops: Card and Email Donations"
    Happy 8th Birthday!!
    Since August 26th, 2003, the supporters of this web site have helped:
    Contacts: 61,400
    Troops: 1,989,391 (Males: 1,595,302 Females: 394,089)
    of ALL Branches of the Military.
    Supporters are not just from America, they are from at least 68 countries.
    The web site has had 223,969,325 hits!

    Our thanks to you ALL!!!

    The 2nd annual
    "We Love Our Troops Charity Poker Ride"
    Ithaca Fairgrounds, Michigan
    June 11.
    Pictures HERE.

    I didn't have a back-seater this time so I only got a few pictures and my first attempt at video...

    Rolling Thunder, Washington D.C., 29 May.
    More pictures HERE.

    Any Soldier Golf Tournament
    21 May: Golf in Australia with Major Gary Bourland!
    More pictures HERE.

    2 April: Springtime Tallahassee Jubilee
    Springtime Tallahassee
    Springtime Tallahassee is the biggest event in the Southeast in the Springtime. It occurs the first Saturday of April, and includes breakfast in the park, a large parade, 5k & 10k runs, a huge vendor area including food, crafts, and non profits. It brings nearly 210,000 people to the region. The event Joni and I set up a tent to gather as many notes from the public to send to contacts, introduce more people to, and to hopefully get some donations to send in. We give out candy to kids, patriotic temporary tattoos, and this year red, white and blue rope bracelets. For more information, We enjoy it every year, and are already thinking about next year!

    25 March: Women Putting Their Stamp on Metro Milwaukee
      Women Putting Their Stamp on Metro Milwaukee Brian Horn and Susan Thiel
    The Any Soldier booth
    Admiring the Any Soldier Quilt
    Brian Horn checks out the vendors
    Building care packages
    Packages getting the postage

    18 March: Bridgestone in coordination with Spellman Travel Partners, Inc. included a Troop Support event with their conference at Huntington Beach, California. Speaker was Brian Horn, and the folks attending fulfilled some 450 care packages destined for our troops!

    18-26 Feb:
    Wailea Beach (Maui) & Wauikoloa Beach (Hawaii) Marriotts
    Click HERE for some pictures.



    For the 3rd year in a row, rather than mailing holiday cards Revision decided to support our troops. With the money they would have spent on printing, postage and envelopes Revision donated 500 sets of eyewear to Any Soldier®, Any Sailor®, Any Airman® and Any Marine®. They invited their customers and friends to help distribute the eyewear to their military service of choice with an option to leave a message. It took less than a week for the campaign to fill up-reaching their goal of sending 500 eyewear kits and messages to deployed troops.


    All eyewear is being distributed through Any Soldier®, Any Sailor®, Any Marine® and Any Airman®.
    Military photo courtesy of Pvt. Jared N. Gehmann, U.S. Army


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