Any Soldier Inc.
For Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen and Coast Guardsmen ONLY!
(and sometimes direct family...)

(NOTE! Effective Immediatly!!!)
Folks want to help, read and follow instructions and you WILL get help!!

If you wish to become a volunteer contact for®
ALL troops stationed OUTSIDE CONUS may now apply!

This site used to be ONLY for troops stationed in war zones, but we have opened this to ANY Servicemember stationed outside the United States who wants to be a contact.

NOTE: If you are wanting something ONLY for yourself,
sorry, we are NOT the place.

You MUST qualify in ALL of the following:
  • You are FAMILIAR WITH THE CONCEPT of Any Marine® and will assist to pass on mail received from this organization to those troops who get little or no mail.

  • Be Active Duty U.S. MILITARY (includes National Guard or Reservist on Active Duty)

  • Be stationed OUTSIDE of CONUS

  • Have at least 4 MONTHS LEFT IN COUNTRY or ON SHIP (Leaving 16 Oct 2024 (or later))

(Note 1: We do NOT accept applications until you have arrived in country.)
(Note 2: Sea-Based contacts on ships are subject to verification of the ship's status.)

Already a contact?
Unless you have redeployed, do NOT use this application for an update!!
Send ALL updates by email (ONLY, NO pictures!!) to "".

Are you a Marine in the 1st MEF (or ANY Marine unit)?

In compliance with the Policy on "Solicitation of Gifts", 23-10, you are the exception as to being specific as to requesting items or gifts.
There is nothing stopping you from applying for support, just do NOT request any items or gifts.
You CAN mention your lack of a PX/BX (store), ability to cook or not, etc.
PLEASE read and comply with the above policy before you apply with us.
We want you supported, not in trouble.

I have read the web site and understand the concept of the Any Soldier Inc. effort.

I fully understand and agree that:
  • I have read THIS and ALL of the following.
  • This effort is based on the honor system and is completely voluntary.
  • This is not about ME. I agree to be a 'contact' of support to the folks around me. While I may ask to join for just 2-3 people, I will be expected to justify why so few. Any Marine® is NOT an adoption agency.
    If I are looking for support for myself only, I will not apply here.
  • There is not another contact with us that I am already getting help from. NOTE: If you apply to be a contact and you are listed as an alternate for another contact already, both of you will be removed from this site. Multiple contacts within the same unit will also be removed unless there is a need for more than one contact.
  • I will receive mail addressed to me, with the line "ATTN: Any Marine®" (or) "ATTN: Any Female Marine" under my name. This is my clue that the item(s) are for my troops.

  • I will check each and every package for contraband and safety.
  • There are no 'real' safety filters in this except for me.
  • I realize I may get mail that is not what I consider positive or motivational. There ARE people out there that will send me political, religious, advertising, and just plain stupid junk. I will NOT take this as a measure of our support. Any Marine®'s suggestion is that I use this junk as butt-wipe and email the names and addresses of anyone sending me junk. Any Marine® will block the access of these bottom-feeders to the Any Marine® web site. I won't stop the support to my folks because some nutcase sends us junk.
  • If I get anything illegal, I will notify my chain of command immediatly, and notify I will give as much information as possible, and ask my chain to keep the item as evidence. Any Marine® will contact the FBI and work with them to prosecute the offender.
  • Any Soldier Inc. tells folks not to send home-made items like cookies, and requires that your soldiers not eat anything that is not in a factory sealed package.
  • For safety's sake I will follow the, "If in doubt, throw it out!" rule. Safety comes FIRST.

  • I will pass on this mail and packages to the soldiers that don't get much or any mail first, but I am allowed to keep anything I deem I should within the intent of the effort.
  • I am not allowed to sell anything I get from this effort, send back to my family, or otherwise use for my personal gain.

  • I must provide updates at least once a month (if at all possible) by simply sending an email to
  • The only acceptable updates are text in email (No PDFs, Word Docs, etc) will do the rest.
  • I realize that the site has a search engine so folks can identify units that request particular items. This is important so being specific is very helpful, such as: socks, white, ankle...or t-shirts, brown, short sleeve.
  • Keeping the supporters smart and interested in my updates is the way this helps me help my Marines .
  • NO pictures are to be accepted effective immediatly. Sorry.
  • Email addresses will not be part of any updates.

  • NOTE: Please be careful with your wording! You are likely NOT allowed to ask for anything. But, good chance you can tell us what you need or don't have. When you mention things, PLEASE be specific! Remember, supporters want to send you the right things and YOU are the only way they know what to send. Need something like socks for example? Then be sure to mention the type, color, sizes, quantity, etc. Also, if you need anything tactical, we have a great sponsor, Extreme Outfitters. If you can provide the link (URL) to the item(s) you need, that really helps you get the stuff you really need and not junk from Wallymarket...

  • What I write on this application will be read by many people, so I will NOT USE ALL CAPS or all lowercase, check my spelling and grammar, etc.
  • I realize that I am talking to a mostly civilian audience, many of them are children. "MilSpeak" is not helpful here!

Applications not properly or clearly completed are rejected without notice.
All applications are subject to approval, they are not automatic.
Attention to detail counts here.

Please be advised that any information submitted to us will be used for the purposes described herein and may take any form of publication and distribution, including without limitation paper and electronic methods.
Of course if you request, we will remove from the web site, as much as possible, the content you provided.

We need YOUR support too!
Remember Any Soldier Inc. at CFC time!!

Remember us for CFC!
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Our catalog number: 11993.
We need your help! Please help spread the word on this.

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